100 things and moments that can make you happy

We can be happy about so much things. But I know, sometimes it`s so hard find some reason to smile. But I know too, sometimes it can be little stupid thing that can make us happier. And that’s why I decided to make this list. I hope it helps you find something you can be happy about.

  1. Good weather
  2. Hug
  3. Art
  4. Summer time
  5. Photography
  6. Memories
  7. Family
  8. Time with friends
  9. Finding a four-leaf clover
  10. New books
  11. Sweets
  12. Traveling
  13. Good dreams
  14. Someone‘s smile
  15. When person you love is happy
  16. Rain which take away pain
  17. Listening your favorite song in radio
  18. New part of your favorite serial
  19. First snowflakes
  20. Attention from person you like/love
  21. When you can make someone smile
  22. When you can make someone laugh
  23. When you can give someone hope
  24. Meeting new friends
  25. Listening your favorite band/singer
  26. Music
  28. Swimming
  29. Writing
  30. Paiting
  31. Singing
  32. Good food
  33. Favorite serial/film
  34. When your dream comes true
  35. Doing what you love
  36. Having funny conversation with your friends
  37. Time with peope you love
  38. Cooking / baking
  39. Flowers
  40. Rainbow
  41. Dreaming
  42. Reading
  43. When someone tell you „I love you.“
  44. When you reach your goals
  45. Bubble bath
  46. Unforgettable concert
  47. Unforgettable trip
  48. Shooting star
  49. Behave like children and be without worry
  50. Dancing in the rain
  51. Cup of hot chocolate
  52. Walking barefoot in the grass
  53. Get a compliment from someone
  54. Hot shower
  55. Library
  56. Reading old messages
  57. Dancing around your room
  58. Watching stars
  59. Enjoying little things
  60. When someone call you „beautiful“
  61. Christmas light around town/ house /room
  62. Late night conversation
  63. When someone is really thankful that he/she has you
  64. Smell of rain
  65. Falling in love and be loved back
  66. Getting lost in book
  67. Colorful autumn leaves falling from trees
  68. Shopping
  69. When someone tell you, you are a reason for her/his smile
  70. Smiling / laughing for no reason
  71. Go on long walk
  72. Watch the sunset
  73. Good grade
  74. Nice text / message
  75. Have served breakfast in the bed
  76. Day on the beach
  77. Build a blanket fort
  78. Watching fireworks
  79. Laughing with friends
  80. Get surprise present
  81. Smell of books
  82. Sleepover
  83. Laughtill your stomach hurt
  84. When someone trust you
  85. When you know you are important for someone
  86. When silence betwen you and someone isn`t awkard
  87. Scream as loud as you can on the concert
  88. Looking by the aeroplane window
  89. Watching fairy tales
  90. Trying new things
  91. When randomly stranger smile at you
  92. Learning new things
  93. When you help someone
  94. Feeling happy without reason
  95. Make someone else happy
  96. Moment when you find out passion of your life
  97. Felling beautiful in your own skinn
  98. Walking on the beach
  99. Time with people we love
  100. And sometimes there are things and moment we can’t explain with words, but it make us happy …


In half of this list I thinked I’m gonna give up this, and I’m gona delete this article – thanks God I didn’t. But the most amazing thing about writing this was the moment hen I asked my 2 friends, what make them happy. They both said „You.“ „Your letters.“ „When you write me, you like me.“. Thanks you, it made me really happy.

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Dollie napsal:

vybrala si fakt krásne veci a máš pravdu v každom jednom bode :) takéto veci robia človeka skutočne šťastným aj keď sú to často krát len maličkosti :)

Veronica napsal:

Skvelé :)

onepatas napsal:

S jedním vedle druhého souhlasím… Vždy se rád raduji z maličkosti. Například teď mě fascinuje moucha, co mi leze po ruce =D … Tak zajímavě to šimrá!

Mimochodem, rád bych tě pozval na můj blog, kde se začínám věnovat ve videích tomu, jak být finančně svobodný… A jak nespadnout do finanční pasti, kdy se život skládá ze spánku, práce a splácení složenek… První video – http://youtu.be/UdbpbWadNLY Pokud video zaujme, ocením, když jej doporučíš dál ;)

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Úžasné, děkuji za inspiraci!